Everything you Wanted to Know about Drow but were Afraid to Ask

A quick summary of everything the Heroes have gleaned about Drow since the adventure began.

From Mind Flayers

  • Drow are an ancient enemy of the Flayer race, from some long forgotten war in a Subterranean realm

From Stanton

  • Drow are something akin to peverse twisted offcasts of the elf race
  • Drow are the substance of elven nightmares, some may even dispute if they were anything were other than legendsand myths
  • Possibly originating from Stanton’s homeworld of Toril
  • Demonic in appearance with skin black as coal, teeth and claws sharp like razors
  • Masters of Stealth possibly suggesting some sort of teleportation magic, the ability to step through shadows
  • Thought to be exterminated, or at worst imprisoned below the surface, after a crusade of noble races wiped them out

From Shadow

  • The Underdark, the Drow realm, is a maze like network of magical caves and tunnels under his home city of Waterdeep
  • Innately magical but magic that grows to taint any who covet it or are exposed to it for too long
  • Many heroes foolishly set off to explore this subterranean realm to make a name for themselves. Few return.

From Thul & Glim *

  • Drow may be responsible for the disappearance or destruction of the fabled Dwarven stronghold of El Dorado.
  • Glim’s holographic recreation of his voyage to the planet he claims to be El Dorado depicted to be a monolithic structure potential of Drow make

From First Contact

  • Although sharing a common ancestry Drow seem to have adapted or evolved over the millennia or possibly twisted by their diabolic dealings with the Spider Queen.
  • Skin is black and chitinous and seemingly devoid of body hair
  • There seems to be some variant or lycanthropic version of the Drow where the bottom limbs are replaced or transformed with the abdomen of a spider

From First Combat Encounter with Drow in the depths of the Temple

  • Actively seeking to recover Shadow’s staff
  • Possibly all female
  • Appearances all identical suggesting doppelgangers, cloning or flesh crafting
  • Blood is some way acidic creates noxious gas which has the potential to overcome attackers
  • Possibly more vulnerable to bludgeoning weapons
  • Exceptionally fleet of foot
  • Prefer “hit and run” attacks
  • Ability to conjure spheres of darkness which can be dispelled by light spells
  • Heightened vulnerability to sun / light based effects
  • Ritual suicide / murder of subordinates as a combat tactic

From the Battle of the Spider Altar on the Mountaintops of Eldorado

  • They appear to be clones or in some way duplicates of each other, possibly one for each Caste or class.
  • 3 Classes or breeds have been observed so far. All are incredibly fast.
    1. Warriors / Monks identified by their red hair
    2. Drider a drow torso fused to some variety of biomechanical legs. These appear to be some form of construct or golem. They are not mindless automata but seem to act as a slave or drone class completing manual labour. In combat they provide a combination of brute force and ranged support. They have the same features as a flesh golem
    3. Arcane Casters. Identified by their white hair. They possess the ability to shape-shift into the form of a giant spider and still cast while in this bestial form. Innate abilities include web spell, possibly as an alternative to darkness and the ability to conjure spiders as a vermin irritant, presumably in an attempt to limit the effectiveness of enemy casters. They are able to move freely through the webs they create

Everything you Wanted to Know about Drow but were Afraid to Ask

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