spell jammin', across the universe

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what happened when, and stuff

Dramatis personae
- Ihsahn Wongraven of Ravendark
- Thul Urak’Dorn
- Jonathon Grey
- Shadow

The Tradeship Nostromo was on it’s return trip to The Rock of Bral after a profitable job escorting a shipment of elvish wines and artwork to krynn. Her four senior crew members were about to finish their 3 year sojourn under the watchful eye of Captain Skerrit, anxious to move of under their own steam, make their own legends.

Times had been good on the Nostromo, the captain a wise and fair man, never taking a job that lacked either adventure or profit, or putting them in a situation that their ace pilot Stanton could get them out of. Sights ha been seen, fights had been won,coin had been made.’

So it was with bittersweet feelings that the last leg of the final journey was undertaken. All was normal untill Stanton sensed a stationary object in the Nostromos path, and slowed down to investigate. An Illithid Nautiloid was discovered, motionless in the void. A call to investigate was made.

As the Nostromo drew nearer, all hell broke out. On the far side of the Nautiloid, a ship of a type never seen before had skewered itself into the Illithid craft, and seemed to be attacking it. At this time, the Nostromo herself came under attack from the Nautiloid, with a devious mix of Brown mold and alchemists fire. The crew pulled together, the warriors returning fire to obliterate the gunners, and some deft teamwork from the spellcasters to clear the decks, with only minor injuries to Logan Redtunic

During the fracas, the mystery ship was seen to extract itself from the Nautiloid, turn, move away, and then dissapear infront of the crews very eyes. Watches were set, and the senior crewmembers were sent as an away team to investigate what happened to the Nautiloid.

Apon entering the Nautiloid, the remenants of a fierc battle where discovered. Bodies of many races, some humaniod, some not, lay scattered on the deck.



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