spell jammin', across the universe

Thul sleeps

Thul – you finish your ritual, and stumble to your bedroll, falling asleep nearly immediately as the enormity of your undertaking catches up with you, You sleep deeply, peacefully, and happily, the words of Morradin himself as he stood beside you rolling around your slumber, no longer drowned out by the forges of Dwarvehome.
‘Indeed, Thul, he who was one with the very stone itself, The path you walk is indeed righteous, but there was someone who trod the paths on El Dorado that was more righteous even than you. He left the fold there, and devoted himself to his service of me. For his devotion, I reached out to him, and gave him a gift, But, alas, the gift is lost. If you happen to find it along your way, I gift it along to you.



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