spell jammin', across the universe

Things of stone and wood.

Thul Urak’Dornthul bunks down with johnny that evening. sleep comes heavily to him, recovering from his abuse by the Illithid sorcerer. That night, he only awakens when Po shakes him, to consult on johnnys condition, with is worsening quickly. By midnight, the woody condition has moved up his arms and legs to the elbows and knees respectively, and his breath is becoming slower. yours and po’s consensus is that he will need a remove disease as soon as you are able, or he might not last past lunch time.

Dungeon masterTime passes Thul Urak’Dornsleeps. Zzzzzz,snort…..zzzzzz….goblin stole my beer…zzzzzz…. Dungeon masterthul awakens, and shakes the images of theiving goblinoids from mind. Po is nearly beside herself in panic. Johhnys limbs are now nearly completely rigid, the woody condition has spread nearly every part of his body. The whites of his fluttering eyes have turned a deep green, and strange pustules have started to appear on his face. Searching for a pulse, only the weakest of weak rythmns can be detected.

‘whatever you are going to do’ whispers Po. " it better be done quick’

Thuls prayers seem to take an eternity, but once finished, he moves quickly to johnny’s side, and starts intoning the hallowed words needed. Johnnys body starts to vibrate, as the terrible effect tales it’s last toll. Thul finishes his phrasing, and johnnys body stills.

Both Po and Thul hold their breaths….

the room is silent..

which is broken by a cough and wheeze fromJonathon Grey, and he draws a deep breath, like a man surfacing from deep underwater.
‘water’ he croaks’…..and..quick…what happened with our loot?……..’

Ihsahn Wongraven of RavendarkYou’re a lucky man Johnny, thought you’d gone to your ancestors or sure there.

Capn Skerrit has taken his share, as he’s entitled to, but left most of the good stuff to us. Especially the gems

Thul Urak’Dorn ‎" Berronar saved you lad, by her gentle hand i was given the grace to cure you o yer affliction. As fer the loot, well we shall hand it out fairly. He who came out with out items should get more, but the loot still had no been identified as yet. once we take stock o what was recovered we can divide it as must needs be. Now he hands Jonny a wine skin “drink and gather yer strength the gods of light are no finished wit ye yet”



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