spell jammin', across the universe

The tomb of Hadley Forgefire.

The dwarven ancestor who revealed his name to be Craghorn ‘Ripper’ Lee, helped the two spellcasters to determine thwe various abilities of the items found in the hiding space. The loot was split among the party, Thul received the belt, Ihsahn the cloak, Norad the boots, Johhny the axe and shadow the necklace. The bag of holding was examined, and found to contain a cache of potion, and two strange metal rods. Thul questioned the Dwarven ancestor, and he replied thusly
‘blowed if i know. He carried those things with him since he was a young lad. They’d been passed down through his family for generations, relics of some old dwarvish war or battle or some such. Truth be told, i’m not even sure HE knew what they were for exactly, just that when the time came, he’d know.’

Satisfied, the party rested, bade the ancestor one last goodbye, and exited the tomb of Hadley Forgefire.

As the stepped back into the blue haze of the planets unnatural sky, still blinking, the party was met by the shape of three horse sized spiders. Astride each spider sat a Drow, armour clad for the first time. With a simple drow word, the spiders dissapeared in a whisp of black smoke, the drow landing deftly on their feet, stanind and drawing weapons in one fluid motion. The two forward drow carried evil, wickedly sharp blades, the third, at the rear, a metallic snake headed whip, which seemed to writhe of its own accord.

With the removal of the spider mounts, behind was revealed the familiar shape of the Spider Mage from the arachnomancer chasm, flanked by two large black widow spiders. Her front legs twitched, and her mandibles clicked, and, before the parties eyes, the three drow warriors grew in size till they towered over the party. As the two spiders moved in to the party, a single arrow flew out of the darkness, striking Thul deeply in the shoulder.

It was on.

Johnny and Ihsahn charged the drow warriors, Ihsahn matching their size growth, both wickedly attacking one drow, but, as they did, the spider-mage summoned walls of web surrounding them and the drow, blocking off the entrance to the tomb in the process. This left Thul, shadow and Norad. alone out side the walls. Norad dealt with the spider advancing on him with ease, and then procceded to turn his attention on the mage. Thul and shadow found themselves pinned down by both the advancing spider and the unseen archer, the constant damage interfering with their spellcasting, limiting options. Meanwhile, inside the web, Ihsahn and Johnny were discovering how devilishly sharp the drow swords were, and on top of that, the cripplingly painfull lash of the snake headed whip was eroding their dstrength with each strike.

Things started to go against the party. Ihsahn nearly fell under the blows from the now hasted drow longswords and whip, shadow took a few near lethal arrow strikes, thul was keeping the large
spider at bay, only Norad was under contrall as he started to whittle down the drow mage. THne, in a sudden flurry of action, Thul used magics to charge through the enchanted webs and, drawing on the strength of his new belt, healed the nearly dead ihsahn up to continue the battle again the drow. One quickly fell, and, even though johnhy lost his new axe in the sticky webs, the tides began to turn.

Shadow, on the other hand, suffered from more arrow strikes, and was in trouble himself, and things looked grim. Suddenly, a noise like mountains colliding was heard, and a ghostly figue of a large stone dwarf passed him, off into the gloom. The arrows stopped.This allowed his to finish of the spider ( with thuls help), then, using a fireball spell, both damage the spidermage and open the web walls. While this was happening, johhny and ihsahn had dropped another drwo warrion, and was finishing off the third as the web wall dropped, allowing them to turn focus onto the spider-mage.

As powerful as she was, she was no match for the group, and quickly fell under a rain of blows, reverting to her drow form upon her death. Ihsahn destroyed the snake headed whip with great gusto, and the party gathered themselves to plan their next move.



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