spell jammin', across the universe

The Journey 'Home'

The group was picked up from Eldorado by the elvish ship ‘The Galvani’, and where taken and made to tell their story a dozen different ways to a dozen different people ( shadow especially so), and all their gear checked and rechecked for any lingering taint (shadow especially so again), but were cleared and given a large comment of thanks for the higher up elves on board, on behalf of the elvish people, and the told that the elves owed them a gratitude ( the last being relayed to them through the scholar and sage Carlin).

Carlin then introduced the party to a young elvish sage and bard in training by the name of Zephyr, who had heard of the groups exploits, and wanted to know more of them, and hoped to begin her first Bardly composition about the group. She seemed to be in awe of the group, but quickly began to gravitate towards Shadow, and a connection began to form. She assisted Shadow in the identifying of the groups treasure from the Dfrow Chanmbers, and also assisted shadow and the slumbering Johnny in translating some of the Illithid Journal the group had found.

Eventually, the craft landed on the Rock of Braal, and as the group alighted, Thul was met by an adoring throng of hopeful dwarves, having heard of the stories already of the possible discovery and freeing of the legendary dwarvish treasure planet. Thul preached of strength and hope, and the focusing on the old enemy, The illithid, and the crowd left, buoyed by the possiblitly that Thul had promised to liberate Morradins Forge.

A tall, Asiatic stranger met with the party at the Docks, introducing himself as OKADA, on business on behalf of Big Wal ( another name from the visions), and the group retired to the Laughing Beholder tavern. There they were met by Large Luigi, and the Halfling Newt, who excitedly told the group that Mister Luigi had got their boat back. AS this happened, Johnny began to tell of a strange encounter he had had back at the docks, and proceeded to raise a glass ‘ To the Leaders and rulers of The Rock, The Vavessuers’.



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