spell jammin', across the universe

the battle for eldorado

On the other side of the door seems to be some type of greeting or waiting room, its walls carved with images of spiders in weds, and long dark deep caves. An opening was just of to one side of the room, showing a slightly darkened room with a purpleish tint to the light. A voice part mechanical rasp, part female snarl in unison intoned

‘You may enter’.

Where the races of the drow and the horrors had grown together in a metaphorical manner, their leaders have done so in a literal way. The figure of Qualnylene’xae stood before them, a lithe and muscular female, skin dark and shiny, her mouth a snarl and her eyes full of hatered. She stood at least a head taller than Ihsahn, encased in a clockwork shell of adamantine and gems, the armour sparking and ticking with electrical energy. One arm ended in a large, pincer-like hand, the other ended with a circular saw blade, glinting with molecular sharpness.The joints whir and click as she moved, and the weight of her crashed as she took a step towards you all, her voice part automaton, part growl

‘We have laboured here for many, many centuries, our peoples together, and we have grown strong, learning from each other. The others showed the drow how to improve themselves. Now it is time for us to reveal ourselves’

Shall we? As she stepped forward.

Johnny was out of the entrance room in a flash, a second before the drow queen filled the room with a noxious yellow and green gas, choking all those left bar SHadow and his enchanted amulet. Defensive maneuvers were made to exit the area, with Norad loosing some arrows at the drow queen, onto to have them bounce off her clockwork armour harmlessly. Spell were aimed at her which were deflected as well, as were Ihsahns mighty blows, and even Johnnys dextrous charge was met with him becoming caught in her Pincer arm. All was seeming to be lost, as any attack tried against the drow queen seemed to be pointless, only Ihsahn spirit warrior Fenris seemed able to penetrate her defences.The attack wore on, and Thul used his divine energies to dispel one of the queens attacks as her armour seemed to glow and crackle with energy.
THe queens armour glowed and crackled again, a pulse of energy pushing all her assailants away. In a moment of desperartion, Thul drive with all his wisdom to determine what course of action to take against the queen, when a voice, seeminlg far away, echoed into his mind, a voice he know to be that of Hadley fire-forge.
“Thul……..Thul….use the Forks……’
and he knew what course of action he needed to take.

He called to his companions to continue with their efforts, and he withdrew the mysterious metal rods that they had discovered in the ond Dwarves tomb, and stuck them, their soundless chime causing the air to waver in from of him. The armour split and sparks erupted at the joints, peices of metal hitting the ground.
‘What? THose? here?’ screamed the mechanical voice of the armour, a low female chuckle behind it. ‘Impossible’ and THuls actions were returned with a lightning bolt that arced across the party.

His companions attacked again, their blows finding some purchase through the armour, and Thul struck the metal bars together again. WIth a fierce explosion, the perty was thrown back around the room, and smoke billowed from the site of the detonation. Heads swimming and ears ringing, the party slowly rose to their feet shaking their heads, and they became aware of a throaty cackling noise, coupled with the sounds of flesh rending and bones cracking. The drow witch queen, in her full spider-like form emerged from the smoke, and spoke
‘For too long, have I been trapped in that unnatural form. Mother Lolth, I meant you no ill.
‘ I thank you for freeing me from the others, they have served their use, built me this ship, and taught me of the spheres’
The ship lurched violently
I need to attend the helm, then the ship will be under my control, and then we can move. You have proven yourselves worthy, I offer you this…..join me, and we can rule the spheres.
The party rescinded the offer
‘No?, then you will die’
‘Elvbryn, if you will….’
with those words, two final drow, encased in an evil looking carapace type armour emerged from nowhere, and struck blows at johnny and thul, striking true, but not true enough. The fight wages on again, Ihsahn strkining some mighty blows, johnny using his new power of telekenisis from his armlet, joining with IHsahn to finish of the black clad drow, and SHadow finishing the drow queen with a mighty fireball.

The witch queen died with a long, bone chilling scream, bones reknitting as she changed back into a more elf like form, her face, even in death, a rictus of hatred,
The ship lurches again, more violently than before, and dropped about 6 feet.

SHadow got an flash of the window they had stood infrom of at the top of the stairs from his staff, and a sense of urgency. The party moved

On their way through the two treasure rooms, they were able to grab some trinkets each, and were presently at the window. THe staff urged shadow to get them all to join hands, and, when they had succeeded in doing so, urged him to press the gold button. SO he did.



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