spell jammin', across the universe

Stranger in a strange Land

The hooded and bound hostage collapsed against Ihsahn as their bounds were cut. Ihsahn layed the stranger down and removed the mask, revealing the face of Norad, the ranger lookout from the Nostromo. He had been badly beaten and tortured, teeth and fingernails missing, deep bruises and cuts. Thul attended to his wounds while Ihsahn searched the rest of the tunnels surrounding the room, finding nothing. The colour returned quickly to Norads face, and, with a deep cough of blood, he awoke, and he started to fill in some blanks of what had happened.

He told of leaving The Rock of Brall, setting back on their course, and being hit out of nowhere by the mysterious spider ship. The crows nest he was in crashed to the deck. Through the stars swimming in his head, Norad saw one of the black skinned drow walk across the deck towards him, reach our a hand, and draw a blade across the palm. He drifted in and out of nightmares from then on, until ihsahn cut him down from the pole.

When Norad had recovered sufficently, the party moved on, further exploring the tunnels. Norads animal companion, Pliskin the snake was discovered in the room where he had been tortured by the Drow, but his gear ws nowhere to be found. Small pockets of clockwork horrors where found dotting the area, mining materials out of the wall, some valuable, some not so much, and one, a modest find of Mithril nuggets, was nearly enough to put a smile on an old dwarves face.

A room of victims of the clockwork horrors unique breeding methods was discovered, including some of the people who acccompanied Glim Beren on his initial exploration. Another room relvealed the body of Stanton, the spelljammer from the Nostromo, who had suffered the same tortures as Norad, but had not survived.After paying due respects to their fallen comrade, the party moved on.

Next, the party came apon a large room, walls covered with organic residue, floor littered with carapace parts and chewed bones. In the center of the room was a gigantic neogi, body swollen and undulating. victims were affixed to the walls around the room, some half orcs, a grimlock, an illithid,and Po, Logan and Captain Skerrit from the Nostromo. The captain had much the same story to tell as Norad, untill he was incinerated by a lightnening bolt. The party turned to see a Clockwork creature, platinum this time, flanked by 2 gold horrors. The explosions of the Horrors as they were destroyed lead to the weakening, and eventual cave in of the original tunnel, blocking that way for the characters.

As the dust setteld, A strange cackling noise could be heard. At the back of the room, a drow was attached to the walls, through the hand on one side, through the wrist below her missing hand on the other. She seemed to be cackling and chanting in their strange language this drow seemed to be slightly more elvish, skin having a grey tinge, with thin, sharp, drawn feartures, almost masculine. Here face was deeply scarred in the shape of a spider, her hair grey and matted. Ihsahn quickly dispatched her with a twist to the neck, but not before her chanting was finished, and her eyes took on a cloudy grey appearance. A slow keening noise started up from the bodies around the room, and all started convulsing and kicking an a familiar way.

And then, the room starts to fill with the noise od dozens on mechanical saws starting up, and the sound of spinning blades on bones….



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