spell jammin', across the universe

road to brall

the continuation of the trip to brall was uneventfull, but not to say boring. Much time was spent thinkning about the strange findings and goings on of the nautiloid, and of Stantons tale. Speculation was rife, and many plans where hatched.

Johhny rested after his ordeal and affliction, with Ihsahn picking up his slack ( Ihsahn may possibly orgue that this is normal.) Thul and Shadow took turns manning the helm, freeing up Stanton to try to unlock some of the secrets of the Staff and the mysterious writing recovered from the Nautiloid captain. He was successful in dispelling the magical defenses,and Thul set to deciphering them. They the captains day to day logs, crew matters, stock/slave numbers and the such, pretty dry stuff for the most part, but some of the later parts of it proved interesting.

These insights gave the crew both insight and cause for alarm, trying to work out where these strange visitors fit into the illithids plans, if, indeed, they did at all. The voyage to the Rock continues on.

About a week later, and the end is nearly in sight. The planet of Toriel is in full view, her moon selune is in full veiw, and the The Rock of Brall can be seen glinting out of the Tears of Selune.Both excitment and sadness is felt through the crew, as one adventure finishes, and another begins.

Captain Skerrit anounces a dinner is to be held to farewell those leaving at the Rock, and he doesn’t dissapoint. It is obvious he has been collecting delicasies (both edible and drinkable) from the planets visited in recent memories,and has a memory for each one. Everyone is in a jovial mood, talking, laughing, some even singing. Even the normally quiet Johnny opens up, and tells a few exploits from his past, some ending well, some not so well.

During the evening, the captain gives gifts to the heroes. Yes, they were gifts that they themselves went out and collected at great danger, but the intentions were true and generous. Noteworthily, Shadow was gifted the strange staff, and was told that Stanton had more information about it.

The night continued on, gathering steam as it went on, and spirits weren’t even dampened after they were literally dampened. A sail mysteriously caught on fire after an equally mysterious flash of light, but luckily, Johnny was there to deal with it, and the party continued unabated, untill the wee hours.

The next morning is, understandably, quiet, as final preparations are made to disembark. Stanton gives shadow his final report on the functions of the staff, and helps him prepare for the jouney ahead. The heroes all get their cut of the profits for their part of the jouney, and the captain tells them that this will be his final voyage. He most likely will retire after this time around, and tells them that he will catch up with them soon enough. They step onto the awating trasport, farewell the Nostromo, and head for the rock of Brall.



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