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play by mail part 2 the second bit

Ihsahn begins to speak, his voice full of its customary baritone bravado.

“Brothers, our gods and ancestors have blessed with another day with which to exact vengeance upon these filthy Drow scum. Tell us Dwarf, Peter, did your nights rest grant you any more revelations?”

He then turns to Johnny Alexei “and what of you friend, you look unwell. The dwarven ale too potent for you?”

Thul wakes with something unusual on hia face. A smile.

He washes his mouth with water and dons his platemail.
“I have had a night of visions my brothers. Moradin him self visited me. There is a item or relic on this rock that must find before we avenge not only our friends but the souls of my kin. Then we can take the battle to the enemy and rain down such wrath and vengence the likes will wake the cosmos from its foundations.”

Ishan : Ihsahn turns to Norad Ben Turnbull and Johnny Alexei Rockabilly Fey. “Which of you has the map?”

Thul, can you show us the location? It is something hidden to us until now?

If we are truly blessed by Moraddin which should not delay a moment longer!

As Ihsahn utters his name, all eyes in the room turn to Johnny. he is obviously not feeling well at all. A nasty raised welt on his neck, and another two on his arms, has turned a nasty red color, accentuated by the fact that he has lost alot of his natural colour. His hair and his shirt are adhered to his body by sweat. He looks alert, and in contol of his facilities, just that hefeels like a 2 mile road of beaten crap.

Ishan: “Merciful Sky Mother” Ihsahm exclaims. "You look like you’ve the plague in you. Thul what manner of corruption is this? Is this the work of the drow’s foul venom?

Thul: Nay this is far worse. This is ghoul feaver. And if its no treated soon he will become a ghoul him self!

Ihsahn pulls back his furs to reveal a similar but significantly smaller welt on his right bicep.

Is this the same affliction? He asks

Thul nods stroking his beard.

Ihsahn speaks. “If time is off the essence my wounds are not troubling me, for now at least. Johnny’s need is clearly greater. Tend to him and then we set forth on Moraddin’s quest Thul”

Jonny : gurgles and nods. Arrrrghhh it hurts!

Thul:You may both die with out treatment. But my gods are not done with you yet. Thul places his hands on jonnys forehead and divine light flows through them both. The pearl woven in his beard glows. He dose the same again to ishan. We need to be more careful brothers. We see more of these ghouls then we attempt distance as best we can. Now all gather for my protective wards.

As Thul readys his gear to leave the church, he give one final search of the priests quarters. A sheaf of papers catches your eyes, perhaps you checked them quickly the first time you checked the room and thought nothing of them. It is a basic list of happening made by the priest that resided here, a list of arrivals, injuries, births, deaths, tithes to the church and so on. One note that catches your eye is about a young priest in training, wishing to furnish a closer bond with his god Morradin, and chose to remove himself from the village to close off distractions. There is references to a cabin he was building far to the west past the landing site, and a note to visit him a little later.

“Ishan, Norad. Did we miss anything west side?

Ishan: Ihsahn draw his sword, mutters something under his breath and you marvel as the mighty blade shimmers and reduces to the size of a large hunting knife. Ihsahn delicately and effortlessly draws the tip of the knife across the middle finger of his left hand. Clenching his fist the blood drips from his hand.

“Cleansed of this foul tent I renew my oath of vengeance on my blood, the blood of my kinsmen and that of my ancestors. I shall not rest until I have taken the head of every last Drow on this planet”

Thul eyes widen and a look anger washes the short lived smile away.
" Ye stupid oaf! Ye swear a suicidal blood oath in the temple of meh gods. this is a oath not to be forgotten! You stupid lad, the gods wont soon forget this and ye have no idea how many of the foul beasts reside here! Lets get out of here before he swears on our lives as well!"…Escape and vengeance, bah now he wants genocide of the most deadly race ever known in all the spheres as a one man battalion..(the ranting continues until the party leaves)



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