spell jammin', across the universe

Pitch Black

The seconds that the group and drow locked eyes seemed to hang in the air for weeks, if not months, but, in a flash, she was among the party. Ihsahn was the first to draw blood, but mysteriously fell. Johnny used his enchanted bracer to clear the darkness enchantment, and the battle was on, with another female drow joining the fray. The cause of Ihsans malady was quickly apparent, as any blow that drew blood from the drow gave of a noxious vapour, causing unconsciousness in those that fall to its effect. The battle was fast and furious, the drow being quick and agile, and the retaliation of the party being with magical flame and brute force, repelling an attempt to wrestle Shadows staff from his grip.

Just as the party seemed to be gaining the upper hand, the drow executed what could only be described as an stategic retreat. Acting as one, the two drow met in the middle of the fray, one casting a darkness enchantment on the other, and , in return, was decapitated by the first, setting of a wide spray of their poisonous blood over the party. The enchanted drow then fled through the sphere of darkness at the back of the room.

Johhny shared his observations with the rest of the party that the two drow seemed to be identical in nearly every way.

The party then pressed on through the sphere of darkness, finding themselves in a tunnel, perfectly round and smooth, which slowly lead them down into the depths of the asteroid. More of the mechanical spiders where discovered, and dispatched, and also the lair of the umberhulks was discovered also. Strange movements and lights led the party to a large room with many entrances, where a bound and gagged figure was discovered. This turned out to be an attempted ambush by the drow, attacking in larger numbers than before, but to the same result. As the party investigated the mystery person, Thul discovered a gem on the person of one of the drow. This fist sized, opaque gem of indeterminate type seemed to give of a light, invisible to normal eyes, but allowed those with night sights to see in colour. This illumination also seemed to play strangley though the gem on top of Shadows staff. Finding no further use for this for now, he turned his sttantion on the mystery hostage.



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