spell jammin', across the universe


Thul Urak’Dorn Stares at the fire place in the Inn not saying a word. As the Last Patron stumbles out Thul suddenly speaks.

“Back, before the illithid invasion, when I were young, the dwarves had a secret called ‘El dorado’.
‘El Dorado’ his eyes look about as if he can see it
" a planetoid that they had discovered, riddled with veins of pure metals, gold, silver, plenty o iron, and the parts of the planetoid that weren’t metal were dirt that were seeded with gems of all different kinds.

It’s existance wasn’t talked about to non dwarves, and it’s exact location was only known to a few.
he swallows down a mouthful of wine
This was part of the dwarves ‘rainy day fund’ incase of future emergency, a large, easily mined stash that could be converted into weapons, cash etc nods with ease.

When it became obvious that the illithid were mounting a campaign of war, the dwarves traveled to "El Dorado’ to do exactly this,but on arrival they discovered it gone . Not just the materials, but the whole planetoid.
Thul Urak’Dorn lights his pipe and leaves the story there, quiet as if he was speaking with no one.

“I see your mind is as full of thoughts as mine Thul” Shadow speaks as he places his feet next to the fire place.

“We have lost a great deal today, that ship.., all those years locked inside it’s flimsy hull..”
“But it troubles me the most thinking of the Captain and crew”

Thul & Shadow pause deep in thought.

Shadow continues “The others haven’t spoken yet but I’ve never seen a more miserable lot”

Thul Urak’Dorn nods as Shadow speaks. He quietly picks up his hammer running a calloused finger across the runes. Another grudge to bear.
he pauses
‎"But not one I need to face alone. We are the last members of the crew for the nostromo. We will find answers and we will avenge the fallen, by Clangeddins axe I swear it!."

Ihsahn Wongraven of Ravendark return’s after being absent for a few hours sporting a freshly inked tattoo of the Nostromo and its Captain on his Left Forearm. He then proceeds to order tankards of the inn’s finest ale and plates of it’s best feed for all the party members and another for each of the missing Nostromo Crew Members.

After bowing his head in quiet repose for a few moments he speaks while staring down into his plate, picking sparingly at his meal. “In my decade on the Stellar Says I never encountered a man as honest, loyal and dedicated to his crew as Skerritt. He is not worthy of this treacherous assassin’s death and I swear as Ihsahn Wongraven son of Varg, descendent of Abbath that this foul deed will not go unavenged.”
The big barbarian proceeds to draw a knife from his boot and slice it across the flesh of his hand before clenching it to a fist as red blood oozes from between his digits, He speaks, in the undecipherable language of his homeland, first a whisper before rising to a thunderous crescendo which draws looks of concern and alarm from his fellow patrons before falling silent again as he casts a haunted glance at each empty place he has set at the table. He slams his knife emphatically down in the table before speaking “I will wipe them out, to a man, these spider Drow fiends and their metal created creatures. If I have to voyage to ever star in the heavens until I am old and grey and my arms then and weak, my sword will drink deeply of their foul, black blood, only then will my vengeance be sated and justice for Skerrit, Stanton and Po be delivered”

Dungeon master
Large Luigi’s offer to pay for the berthing, upkeep and repairof the Nostromo in his freinds absence is some consolation in your time of darkness.
‘Just promise me you will find him’, he said ‘and bring him back to his ship. If you can’t bring him back, make those responsible pay in kind.’
The feeling of sorrow from the beholder is palpable, not what you would have expected one from a race with a reputation like the eye tyrants. You also get the feeling that you wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for Skerrits’ disapearance, and have Luigi get hold of you first….for then, he may live up to his races reputation. a queit and maudlin evening slowly moves towards morning.Luigi is keeping Newt occupied by giving some minor chores around the tavern, the instruction possibly possibly keeping Luigi from distraction too. Your revery is interupted by the mechanical gnome from Glim Berens house making an appearance.
‘My master is readyto leave’ he intones in a scratchy voice, remenisent of a musical sqeeze box with a crack in the bellows.’ he is abour his ship. Meet him at the docks when you are ready.’ He bows jerkily, turns with a whirr, and exits the tavern.



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