spell jammin', across the universe


the flight of the navigator

The Party all met at the docks first thing the next morning, after a day of turning the Rock upside down for a scroll of raise dead. They were directed down towards the end of the docks, met by the sight of glim berens craft, a large, upturned conch shell.

The party are ushered onto the ship by one of glims’ clockwork gnomish companions,where they are met by Glim, who seems impatient to get underway. It becomes quickly apparent that the ship is crewed by mechanical gnomes and controlled by a disembodied voice referred to as ‘Mother’. The heroes began to make themselves at home in the cramped conditions of the craft, and Ihsahn set about endearing himself to the captain. Cabins are located, packs are stowed, and the party meet in the mess to formulate plans and to align their ideas. Glims condition has seemed to have worsened, and retires to rest before lifting off.

The lift off and subsequent travelling are uneventful, the party taking time to rest and to theorise on the dangers that may be awaiting them.Ihsahn takes time to rally the morale of the group.

After weeks of travel, hours away from reaching their destination, Glim summons the party to his quarters. He appears sicker than the party has ever seen him, pale, weakened and gaunt. He begins to give the party directions to the site of the strange temple, when he takes a turn for the worse. Writhing and screaming on his bunk, he is attacked from within by metallic whirring and ripping noises. A small golden clockwork horror erupts from glims body, followed quickly by 3 more in quick succession. Three jump down and escape into the ship, while one climbs up Glimbs head and begins to attack the crafts control helm.

Ihsahn headed off in an attempt to intercept one of the runaway horrors, while the others try (unsuccessfully) to try and defend the control helm. Ihsahn is ambushed in the library by one of the horrors, and quickly dispatched it by crushing it with his bare hands.Another was discovered in the cargo hold, battling two of the clockwork gnomes, which are defeated more by their own shortcomings than by the actions of the clockwork horror. This horror is dispatched with no problems.

A shipwide search determines that there can only be one location for the last clockwork horror, on the outside of the craft. johnny and ihsahn traverse the outside of the craft nearly effortlessly, and discover the clockwork horror and the last gnome trading lightning bolts on the underside of the whelk. The lightning seems have no physical effect on either, though it seems to scramble whatever passes as a brain on the gnome, which turns and attacks the party. Shadow also successfully traverses the craft, though Thul needed a guiding hand from shadow to join the battle.

Lightning bolts flew from both enemies,with shadow catching the worst of one, but with johhnys dextrousness, Thuls quick and adept healing and Ihsahns totem powers, he was able to rejoin the battle, and the two mechanical terrors where overcome.

The party returned to the now helmless craft, and discovers they were unable to give the final command to land the ship, could only count down and prepare for impact. Gathering as much supplies and protection as possible, they all hunkered doen and awaited the inevietable. The planet loomed infront of them, and a deep roaring noise grew. The ship kicked and screamed around them, and Mother gave the final count of ‘5,4,3,2….’ and with the loudest noise ever heard from the party, it all went black.


Did do any sort of Stonecunning or Craft check on the fresco’s on the walls and if so was he able to tell us anything.

Do we need to make a note of the treasure that we / Johnny recovered when he explore the upper levels of the entrance chamber?


to my knowledge, the only stonecunning check that was made was an automatic check to spot the secret door that led you up the higher levels of the temple. pretty sure johnny had a list on his sheet, and if not, i’ve got my notes, and can go from there.


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