spell jammin', across the universe

Journey to the center of the Planetoid

As sound of the drows neck echoed throughout the chamber to silence, it was replaced by the whirring and rasping of metallic saw blades. It grew to a crescendo until it too was replaced, by the noise of a dozen rib cages simultaneously splitting open as one. The party retreated to the recently discovered corridor to set a defense against the dozens of golden clockwork horrors moving across the room. Ihsahn and Jonny repelled the first attack wave, but the return salvo of lightning bolts was enough to convince them that discretion was the better part of valor, and further retreat may be called for.

A plan was quickly hatched by the two humans, and, on the run, collected Thul Urak’Dorn (by the armpits) to quicken the tactical withdrawal and, if not for some hasty footwork, nearly brought Norad undone. Recovering quickly, Norad brought down the first line of clockwork horrors with some careful bow-work, but this hardly impeded the progress of the group at all.

During all this, Shadow and Slytherin examined the tunnel, discovering a set of doors leading to some sort of storage room. The rest of the party quickly entered, and set about setting defenses against the oncoming horde. The room, much like the temple above, had walls adorned with carving, this time of a barren and mountain topped filled landscape. While the warriors set the doors against the invaders, the spell casters set about finding a way out.

The ceiling held a gem, much like the one atop Shadow’s staff, and the one found on the drow, Thul brought the three in alignment, and their magic was revealed. Slowly, the magic light from the gem, refracted through the staff, and in turn through the ceiling, slowly revealed a sky of purple/blue, a smell of cold damp air, and, eventually, the actual landscape described on the walls, as the party was transported, along with the contents of the room,to another place entirely.

The character stood among debris of the room (including half of a clockwork horror) on a wide, flat, featureless plateau. Mountain tops were visible in the distance, indicating the party were some distance up. Some searched the items that came with them. finding Norad missing gear. Ihsahn Wongraven of Ravendark, then followed by Thul, searched the area. A large staircase, cut into the mountain, was discovered nearby, as were dwarven runes, confirming the suspicion that the party were standing in the lost dwarven treasure planet of ‘El Dorado’.

The started to move down the stairs. with johnny and Norad on point. Shortly,a group a figures was seen coming up the stairs in the distance, apparently someone on horseback, with two pack animals and two figures on foot. A quick return to the mountain top was conducted, with fortifications against the unknown travelers. Shortly, two of the isectiod drow came into view, and what appeared to be centipede like constructs, made out of drow parts, but no sign of the rider on horse back. Battle ensued, with the later addition of a sniper, the mysterious person on horseback. As the battle ended, the person on horseback was revealed to be an amalgamation, with the top half of a female drow , well built, muscular and flowing red hair, with the bottom half of a large, mechanical spider.

Rest was taken, and the plan on what to do next was discussed.



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