spell jammin', across the universe

Goin' down to the cross roads

Standing in the carnage after the battle with the Spider Mage and her companions, the decision was made to move on quickly, and possibly find somewhere to rest. Reasons were thrown around for and against both the cave and the Dwarven Church, and whether to move towards the Sualco, or to continue on exploring the planet. the final decision was to continue on with the exploration of the planet, and, after a quick round of healing, rest was postponed till later.

The Party moved backdown the mountain, towards, and then past, Hadleys Hope. Reaching the crossroads, continues west, against the traffic of the masses of drow tracks that Norad identified. Soon after leaving the crossroads, the ground began to rumble and shake again, causing all the characters to stumble. As the tremor worsened, Thul and SHadow lost their balance completely, Thul beginning to tumble into a crevice in the ground that the earthquake had opened. It was only because of Ihsahs quick reflex and Thuls aversion to haircuts that prohibited his falling into the crevase, which closed seconds later, as quickly as it opened.

After picking themselves up, they continued on, coming across another crossroads. The road south lead back towards the landing site and the arachnomancer chasm. The path north was where the traffic of drow tracks continued from, where as the final path led back up to the mountain opposite the landing site, and looked fairly untraveled. The party decided to take the path less travelled.

The path travelled up into the mountain top quickly, and the got moister as the characters ascended. Reaching the top. the found that there was a high rock wall backing this mountain top, collecting the moist air up in this area. Also, there was a strange warmth to the rocks, causing the moisture in the air to condensate, beading and running of the stone. This gave the ground a squelchy and soggy surface, collecting into near swamplike conditions
the further towards the center of the mesa. Within the swamp, a large carved head of Morradin was discovered, obviously a place of devotion,offering and pilgrimage, indicated by the large number of urns and amphoras set as tribute around the statue.

As Thul began to examine the urns, the some of others began to see movements out of the corners of their eyes, while others began to have strange feelings wash over them. As quick as lightning, tentacle-like appendages starting shooting out of the swamp, striking and lashing onto Norad and johnny in the blinking of an eye. The strength of these appendages surprised the pair of them as their grip started to tighten.

Ihsahn charged the submerged creature, attempting to skewer the creature, and pin it to the ground. For his troubles, half a dozen of the tentacles flew out at him, half landing and tightening. Johnny and Norad tried to free themselves from the tentacles grip, finding themselves on the receiving end of more attacks, one tentacle even weilding a sword to attack ohnny. Ihsahn found him self on the receiving end of another barrage of attacks and these, combined with the tightening of those already grabbing him, brought the barbarian close to death for the second time in as many days.

SHadow began to intone arcane words, and the air above the unseen assailant exploded in a nova of fire,and between the clouds of steam, the many limbed obscenity that was attacking them was visible untill the swamp waters rushed back in. The flames burnt off the appendages still holding most of the party, except for ihsahn, who was left with a couple. Making the most of the opportunity, Johnny went for one last ditched attack, knowing that this attack would either fe the end for the monster, or for him and ihsahn. His axe struck true, and the creatures black ichor filled the water. The party made a hastry retreat to back to the mountain path, and rested and healed.

They continued back down the path, and continued west. Out of the gloom, a massive stone wall came into view. The wall was carved in the shape of dwarven heads, with a set of large stone doors, and the phrase ’ The Mighty Mine Fiornia 161 ’ and "May her veins run deep and true’ carved under the heads .This was the main mine on the planet, the cornerstone of the dwarven battle plans for the future. Even from this distance though, it was the evident that the walls had seen much violence. Large cracks and blast marks could be seen, peices of the faces had been taken out, and the massive doors were broken.

Behind the doors was a scene of a massive battle, fought centuries, even millenia before, showing the strength which the dwarves defended with, but how outclassed and caught be surprise they actually were. Warehouses destroyes, foundries and molten metal used as weapons, iron golems, usually used for carrying euse, unsuccessfully, as weapons. Amongst all this ancient carnage were drow corpses, some months old, some years, some decades, some older, all having emerged from within the mines. Drow of all types, with all types of injuries, some having died of their injuries, some having been assissted to shuffle off this coil.

The further towards the back of the mines the heroes travelled, the destruction intensified. MOre molten metal, more golems. and then they reached the doors of the mines themselves.

The mighty Morradin inscribed doors were, again,, broken and burnt. They led into a massive collection area, where the battle obviously continued. The mines themselves opened out into a massive deep cavern, carved out around a massive internal column, with a staircase cut out of the column itself. The staircase itself went down for miles, with tiny side paths and mines coming off of it. The group followed the staircase to the bottom, with the occasional dessicated drow corpse on the stairs evident. At the bottom, many mine paths branched off, but Norad determined from which of the traffic came from, and the party moved off.

After a while, the dwarven mines changed into a familiar flat, smooth and circular tunnelling system, indicating the owkr of the clockwork horrors. The tunnel then slowly began to slowly spiral downwards, and, after a while, inexplicably, the tunnel shrank to half its diameter.

As a precaution, Shadow sent his familiar forwards to investigate, who reported nothing special, but that the climb got harder the further as it went along. Continuing on, the party discovered what appeared to be hand holds in the wall, and, then as reported, the climbing got more difficult for no apparent reason, The feeling was similar to approaching the gravity line on a spelljammer, and the walk, and then crawl, quickly turned into a proper climb. After a distance, the party saw above them what seemed to be a trapdoor. A quick party shuffle, and ihsahn opened the door and they all climbed out. The were met with a familiar blue/purple haze, and what appeared to be a large cavern. The walls aroound them were a few hundred yards apart, round, smooth, and seemingly carved straight out of the floor. Four corridors were equidistant around the walls, leading down to what seemed to be a Y junction, wwhich split and quickly out of view.The ceiling abouve them seemed to be carved with a strange geometric patten of lines and circlesm, untill the scale of the room sunk into the characters.

They standing on the internal surface of a massive sphere, the inside of the planet eldorado, hollowed out. The ‘Pattern’ on the ceiling was a maze of paths, y-junctions, and spheres crossing the internal surface, all leading to ( or away from) another large circular room directly above their heads. The parties headsd swam.



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