spell jammin', across the universe

Glim Berens Story

When it comes to his story, he begins, the lights in the room seem to dim.
‘I bought some stuff of a human, a collector of old dwarven pieces. One of the pieces was an old war chest, a nice piece, back from before the Illithid war. Seemed to be from someone important.
Got it for a song.

(a chest appears in the middle of the floor)

I was cleaning it up, checking it over, when I came across a secret panel.

( a small drawer pops out from one side, a scroll of paper can be seen in the draw)

Inside the panel was some paper work from a dwarven general. It detailed some troop numbers, pay levels, armoury levels, and references to something called El Dorado.
Over the years, stories of Eldorado started to filter out, any treasure hunter worth his salt knew where it was, where to find it. Many went out looking for it, many never came back. Tales of ‘Haunted Space’ started to grow. After a while, people stopped looking, except for the off fool hardy adventurer, with similar results.
Well, what I held in my hands was the location, well, the locations, the orbit, of the legendary planet.
( the scroll of paper rises out of the drawer, which fades away in to the background. It unrolls, showing a starmap, one by one, like bubbles, the planets rise of the page, forming the plants of realmspace.They start moving in their orbits, through characters when needed. Out towards the back, a new body appears, going through a strange elliptical orbit perpendicular to the other orbits plane, moving anticlockwise to the other orbits clockwise)

From this, I could figure out where the planet SHOULD be, at any given time. By the way, this is just a mock up ( he gives a sly grin), or is it?.
Apart from the location, it also gave the estimates of what was contained on the planet. The amounts where staggering.
Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued. I gathered a few crew members, just to be on the safe side, and set Mothers course with the information from the texts.
It was an uneventful journey, nearly disappointingly so, considering the areas haunted reputation. We did a few sortees around the area, couldn’t find anything. Was just about to head for home, when something caught my eye, around one of the small asteroids that dotted the area.

(the star maps focus tightens to a small rock, hanging in space)

Still not sure what it was,but my curiosity got the better of me, so I told mother to land. The planet was fairly barren, not much to see, until we came across the crater.

(again, the focus tightens to the surface, dark and rocky, a POV view of someone walking up to the edge of of a crater. A voice can be heard “what is that?’. ‘ I have no idea’ A voice responds. The edge of the crater is reached and a tall, imposing building comes into view.
The view juggles, and the sounds of boots on gravel and rolling rocks can be heard.)

(all the lights out in the room. The sounds of flints striking, tinder catching, some of the candles in the room come back up slightly)

It was black as space in the temple, I nearly wish we had kept the lights off. The insides were decorated with murals of spider like creatures, black skinned elves, hybrids of the two. The ground was littered with pieces of metal, like those you hold now.
One of the lads found an opening down the back, but before we could stop him….
( a brief scream is heard, ending in a wet gurgle, and the lights go down, voices can be heard yelling, calling out names)
Then the shadows came alive
(men screaming, scratching skittering noises, hissing)
Something hit me, I lashed out, landing a hit. , and that’s all I remember
(the lights come back up)
Next I know, I’m waking up, alone. I can hear movement, far away. My head swimming, feeling like I got hit by a tarrasque, I stumbled out, back to mother. I got back to her, and set a course for home. I must have passed out, because next I know, I’m half way back to the rock of brall, feeling like I got hit by a tarrasque. ( wet coughing).

Got back in a week ago, being trying to figure out what happened, trying to forget it.

He thinks deeply for a few seconds, and a deep shudder goes through his small body.
‘I’ll take you. If I never face it, never find out, I’ll never forgive myself. I’ll take you there, but I’ll be damned if if getting out of my ship.I’ll wait, and the first sogn of trouble, i’m off, whether you are on board or not.
Give me a couple of days, i’ll contact you. The sooner, the better.



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