spell jammin', across the universe

From the mountain of Drow-ness

As the party regrouped, Thul shared the information gleaned from the drider corpse. After this, plans were made, and tracks were made down the staircase cut into the mountain side. At the base, a path of fine grit and sand, lined by coarser and larger stones of the same material. The path lead south, west and east away from the bottom of the stair case, with the majority of the traffic heading up and down the stairs, to and from the east, with a small amount of individual tracks heading from the east to the south. A large crack/gorge in the mountain directly south could be seen, travelling far back into the mountain side.

apon entering this strange place, Shadow started to get strange vibrations from his staff, akin to a happy or excited puppy. heading down the mountain, the staff seemed to urge him forwards, and upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, he received a vision of a spider topped altar, and a feeling to move south.

A small camp was discovered was discovered at the base of the staircase, and the casters decided to rest to recuperate their spell list, with Ihsahn watching them, while Johnny and Norad scouted the Area. They travelled along the Path to the south, finding hilled areas off the path, made from collections of even larger rocks and boulder, lying around the terrain. They followed the southern mountain around to the east, finding evidence of a large landslide, revealing a reachable cave up in the mountanside. Heading back to the path, they continued east, and followed the path a little way to the north, finding more hills before heading back to the cross road.

Heading south, the chasm walls slowly closed in over their heads, down untill the path came down to about 60 or 80 feet across, which is where they headed back to the group.

The cave to the east was examined first, and after some misadventures, the cave was found to be 2 small rooms, plain except for a golden nugget in one room, and deemed to be easily defendable.

The party regrouped and returned back to the cross roads, and, under Shadows suggestion, the party moved south. They found where Johnny and Norad traveled to, and , continuing further, came across two dried and dessicated bodies of female drow, identical to the appearance to the one seen in the Neogi Queen room back on the planetoid. A little further along, the group came to a Y junction. One was found by Johnny to be a dead end, containing some identified dead bodies, the other continued on. As the party entered the junction, they were set upon by a number of copper horrors, with the attack centered on Shadow. They were quickly dispatched, and the dead end investigated, with the corpses discovered to be more of the same drow, attached to the walls.

Continuing on, the party came to a similar y-junction, with the same dead end, the same corpses and the same ambush, but this time the horrors where bronze.

A little further along, and the scene replayed again, but with electrum horrors, and the path leading away thinned down again, and was thick with spiderwebs.Here, shadow received a vision of the altar again, this time with his hand reaching out to touch it.

The path opened out into a huge amphitheater, webs running up the walls from ground up, and crossing from wall to wall. Wide steps rose up to a raised area holding the spider topped altar from Shadows vision. Between the altar and the party stood a golden horror. Atop the altar itself stood a massive spider, flanked by two of the white haired female drow.

Battle Ensued, and strange abilities of these new drow were discovered. All were killed, except for the largest spider, which fled over the top of the walls.

After the battle, shadow was able to touch the altar, and was rewarded with a vision of the life of the staff, and some new abilities for it. A spell book was also uncovered.



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