spell jammin', across the universe

first contact

The heroes slowly awaken within the wreckage of the Gnomish Whelk, the only noise is the broken hull crackling and ticking as the hull cools. Belongings are strewn throughout the ships insides, not a single item left in its original place. Stars can be seen through the gaps in the hull, and the heroes breath fogs from the cold air entering the ship. Wits and belongings are gathered, and the first tentative steps are made to explore the surroundings.

The asteroid itself seems to be no more than a featurless rock about 5 miles across. The area around the ship is flat and featureless, pockmarked with craters both small and large, the ground is covered with a layer of fine sand. Back-tracking the crash debris, the party discover Glim Berens’ original landing site, with his parties tracks leaving, and only his returning. Watches are mounted as the casters prepare their spells, and then the party sets off following Glims’ return tracks.

After a featureless landscape, a familiar risen crater ledge is sighted. Over the edge of the crater lies the large temple-like building from Glims’ illusionary tale. The crater itself is at least a couple of hundred meters across, and about 50 deep. The sides are steep, and the slide and scuff marks of the previous explorers can be seen descending to the bottom. The building itself takes up the majority of the floor of the crater, and rises up over hlaf the height. It appears to be made of the same material as the crater itself, but doesn’t quite look right

Investigations show that building seems to be not yet complete, built in a strange fashion, more like someone who had seen the original building described it to another, who then went on to build it.. Up close, it can be seen the nearly jigsaw way the building is put together, pieces cut out of the ground, and just stuck on each other. Pieces of gems and ore can be seen on the rocks.

The dim light from the surface barely reaches the temples only door, so Johnny lights his enchanted gauntlet, lighting the doorway and its strange quasi-elvish inscription. An attempt to decipher it was made, but only a couple of words, such as ‘darkness’ and ‘power’ are translated. The temple is pitch black inside, with only the light from johhnys gauntlet for illumination.

The temple is large, with high ceilings, additional levels visible higher in the room, supported by smooth columns. Ropes and planks can be seen weaved in among the columns, and between the higher levels. The ground is littered with pieces of stone, small bits of bone,shell and bits of metal. A strange, dank smell hangs in the air. The bones are humanoid, the shells insectoid and the metal the same as those from the strange metallic creatures.

The walls in this room seem to have etchings and engravings on them, scratched into the stone by no method known. They seem to show underground caverns, and a dark, forboding city. Ten figures walk away from the city, heads hung in shame. The carvings continue the journey through caverns and such, but finish ( in this room, anyway) with the figures standing in a large cave with what you would swear was a spelljammer in it. The next image is of a dark skinned female elf, sitting atop a throne, with a crown on her head. You recognise this as a spelljammer helm. A large, jagged looking spider like creature is in the background, front legs raised like it’s ready to strike.

The characters attempt to investigate the upper levels, but slip and fall, the load crashing and noise awakens the nest of Neogi in the upper levels, with inturn summon their umber hulk slaves. With a new found confidence and aplomb, the party works together in a well coordinated effort, and dispatches all the enemies with ease, everyone having a major role in the battle, even the giant celestial bee.

After some quick healing, the party leave through a large corridor to the north. The walls on this corridor are made from a different material, black compared to the grey of the other walls. Small gems are studded in the walls, which reflect the light and sparkle, giving the impression of stars. These walls are tall, 50 feet or so, at the top of these walls becomes the base for the level above, opening up to the space between levels above. At the ‘end’ of the corridor, the floor of the above room becomes the ceiling for the circular room at the end of the corridor.

This opens into another large room, similar to the entrance room, but this has a lower, rounded ceiling, and the floor slopes to a darkened passage at the rear of the room, as described by Glim. Around the darkened passage is what appears to be a ‘frame’ for lack of a better word, with the same spidery elvish inscription around it. The walls here are adorned with images of a battle, Dwarves being chased and slaughtered by mechanical spiders and dark skinned elves. The ceiling has the same image of the female elf on the throne, this time laughing, with the mechanical spider behind her, as if watching the entire scene. In one scene near the darkened passage, one elf seems to be holding a very familiar staff, next to another holding something glowing in its hand. In another, like glims description, one of the elves seems to have the bottom half of a spider.

Suddenly, a figure was standing front of the shadowed passage, just appearing apparently out of thin air. Elvish in appearance,though slightly taller and thick set, obviously female, dressed seemingly out of practicality more than modesty. Her skin is deeply, densely black, almost like it is made of ebony and her limbs and body have a jagged, edged look to them, reminiscent of the carapace of a beetle. The nails on her hands and feet are black and metallic, the finger nails long and pointed. Her face has the same carapace-like appearance, though facial features are visible. She watches the party with a look of curious detachment , the whites of her eyes stand out against her black flesh, excentuting her bald, nearly boney skull. She snarls, and a mouth of black, jagged, metallic teeth are visible. She starts to rise up on her toes.

And then it goes dark.



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