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entering the nautiloid pt 2

the battle with the illithid went swiftly, (especially when everyone joined the fray), after which more information came to light. The illithid spoke of ’the ancient enemy from the time beneath the rocks). The hand on the staff was small, elf-like, though the skin was dark and dense, with dark nearly metallic finger nails, and a very familiar script scrawled on it. It was also learnt that there was another illithid, just to the south.

while the illithid was discovered to be dead, one of the metallic creatures was very much alive in the room. this was dispatched after it tried to get very intimate with one of the party.

moving up, the sounds of combat could be heard, and a black trail could be seen. the trail lead to a dying umberhulk, the sounds to a mighty combat overhead. An illithid, in magestic robes, was attacking, and being attacked by, a golden metallic creature. rounding out the combat was a minotaut assisting the illithid.

the combat finished in an explosion of magic, lightning and metal on metal, throwing the combatants around the room, the minotaur fairing the best, deciding to take it out on the party. He was dispatched with ease by the party, and the illithid was searched for. the searched wasn’t needed, as he returned momentarily, bringing all the party to their knees bar one(( Thul Urak’Dorn aka Captain nup )) . His resistance brought the ire of the illithid, forcing him to take great interest in the hero. again, mention was made of the ‘ancient enemy’, then the party was tagged, and then released.

fleeing an illithid self destruct device, the party saw that the nautliloid was infested by the metallic creatures. they were forced to leave the ship in haste, before the captain had returned, drifting out into the darkness, untill, one by one, darkness descended on them.


Just want to confirm, here’s my interpretation of the epilogue to Friday’s session as outlined above. We all finally succumb to the machinations of the Master Illithid, despite Thul’s valiant resistance. When we awake after an unknown period of time there is no sign of the Mind Flayer although he has promised Thul that he is marked as an enemy of the Illithids. We are forced to make a quick getaway as the clockwork monstrosities previously locked behind the door near the helm room have escaped and are proceeding to tear the ship apart.

We make it back to the hull breach, but there is no sign of Captain Skerrit so we’re forced to jump into open space, cross fingers and toes, utter a prayer to however we think might be listening and hope for the best.

entering the nautiloid pt 2

yep :) was just giving a breif outline of events, if you guys want to fill in with any flourishes, or bits i may have forgotten, more the better :)

entering the nautiloid pt 2

My only hope now is that we get picked up by the Starship Heart of Gold Hitchhiker’s style style

entering the nautiloid pt 2

Bizarrely, jonathon has held onto his stash – and in an unusual show of guilt, decides to present the loot to the team through a public page on his wiki….

What’s a wiki you say? From Jonathon’s perspective, it’s a nice little cantrip that an old magic user bestowed upon him allowing record of information in an open, easily translated space that will survive the tests of time…

entering the nautiloid pt 2

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