spell jammin', across the universe

entering the nautiloid

the adventurers landed in what seemed to previously be a dining room, but had been turned into a battlefeild. numerous bodies, with numerous methods of death. half orcs and grimlocks in armour, elves, dwarves, humans in rags and strange insect like creatures littered the ground. In within the bodies were strange piles of metal, copper and bronze, fused together and sparking.

Faced with three choices of tavel, the party move north, entering the captains chambers through a locked door. searching the belongings, they find the captains personal chest, and begin to move it back for later removal. another locked door is in the captains chanber, and is pursuaded to open. a chest is discovered in the locked room, and, in the dining room, a previously closed door is discovered to be open, with a familiar chill in the air.

from the chest is gained a scroll, and some strange dust. the mysteriously opened door is unable to be closed, and the chill from the room ( a pantry ) is growing. a sudden inspiration combines the content of the two previously locked rooms, and the chill receeds.

moving south, more evidence of a moving battle was discovered. More bodies of half orcs, grimlocks, and slaves were scattered towards a large set of stairs, moving through what seemed to be a cargo hold. a neogi body was discovrd, with more small piles of fused metal scattered around. A strange noise alerted the party to movement at the rear of the cargo bay, and weapons were readied.

Very large twin grimlocks were discovered patrolling the area, battle axe and flail in hand. Though highly trained, seemingl linked as one, they stood no chance, and were dispached without delay.

moving up, another metallic ceature was discoverd, this one made of electrum, still warm and sparking. a strange, vaguely elvish like script could be seen on the carapace.

reaching the next level, another battle scene, more grimlocks, neogi and half orcs in various degrees of completeness. in the middle of it all was the body of an illithid, next to a ppol of blood with a distictive staff in the middle. on top of this, from a nearby door, a strange metallic scratching noise could be heard. when the staff was investigated, two things where disovered. firstly, that the staff had a hand still attached, and secondly that the illithid wasn’t dead.


Is Johnny still disease striken at the moment, presume Thul has the ability to cure this after a long rest.

entering the nautiloid

as of writing this, yes he is still diseased/infected

entering the nautiloid

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