spell jammin', across the universe

Down on the Upside

The party was silent as the scale and logistics that was before them sank in. They would have to travesre the inner surface of the planet of El Dorado to what appeared to be a point directly above their head to escape this gargantuan cavern. A quick discussion made a call that the mines entrance that they had just gone through, and the point that the floating mothership that they had seen would be on points directly opposite each other on this planet, so the point above their heads should lead to directly under her.
Radiating Away from the ‘end point’ above them, there seemes to be about 5 or 6 ‘waves’ or layers ( the number was guessed, as the high walls surrounding them covered the perspective of the inner surface as it travelled down) of these domes to where theyu currently stood, so that was the minimum they would have to pass through. What they actually were though was a point of much conjecture. Prisons? Treasure Vaults/ Lifejammer helms?

A diretion was picked at random, and the party moved on. As they reached the Y junction before them, each arm revealed that it travelled to an area that opened out into a small area that lead to one of the large domes. Set into the front of this large dome, at ground level, was a smaller dome, set about half way out, and within this dome was a small opening.

The smaller dome (it was still large enough to hold the party, plus room for many more), when entered, was found to have no exit out of the room. FOr the first time though, there was a break in the surface between the floor and walls. Norad noticed that on the Right hand side of the room was an indent of a elvish sized hand, and on the left hand side there was what appeared to be a key hole. Johnny examined the key hole and found it was just tha, a key shaped hole with no working mechanism. Thuls examinations determined that the seam between the floor and walls indicated that the dome turned on activation, spinning the rooms walls so that the door behind them would become the door before them, allowing entry to the larger dome beyond. A quick inventory search showed nothiong that seemed to be what they would need, plus lock picking, SHadows staff and Norads Elvish hand were all tried to no avail. THe other dome down the opposite arm of the y-junction ended in the same set-up, as did the other directions from the original ‘room’. The party had reached a dead end. Assuming that the way through layed in one of the un-explored portions of the planet above, they traveled back to the surface.

Exiting the mines, the party travelled directly north, between the rubble mountains. Norads keen eyes spotted an electrum horror perched on a rock in the distance, apparently watching the party, and dispatched it with glowing enemy seeking arrows. Travelling on, to the west, the party came across a small, simple stome cabin, set into the rock wall. Though close to the raging river that split the planetoid, its distance and the mountainside dulled the noise to a calming grumble. A few trees (now dead) stood beside the cabin, surrounding a small stone bench infont of a statue of Morradin, carved to be working at a (functional) anvil. THese fact combined to give the area an aura of calm, a place for instrospective devotion. The cabin was empty, and simply adorned, a few simple idols to MOrradin around, and a journal. The journal indicated thet the cabin belonged to a prospective Comtemplative called Dillon, and told of a dream of his, where Morradin came before him, offered words of encouragement, and gave him a gem. When Dillon awoke, he discovered the gem to be in his hand. His last entry said he was travelling to Morradins Idol, to offer the Gem back to ask for assisstance against the invading terrors.

THe party rested, and Thul prayed and worked at the anvil at Morradins statue, fitting Dillons gem onto the face of Grudgebringer, into a carving of a mountain. Grudgebringer slowly accepted the gem, as if it had always meant to be there.

The party moved on to the North, coming into veiw of the edge of the mealstrom, and the broken bridge, from the other side. Coming around a rubble mountain, a strange sight if a forrest came into view. After a doubletake, the ‘trees’ were recognised as large Mushrooms, appearing to be related to a normally subterranean species called ‘Geigerwort’ that some travellers used as emergency rations. Travelling into the darkened forest, Norad noticed a set of tracks, travelling from the north, towards the mountain side to the south. Following them they lead to a small clearing, with a single MUshroom in the middle of it, with what appeared to be a peice of paper stuck to it. fearing an ambush, Johnny and Ihsahn ran to the tree, pulled down the peice of paper, ran back to the party, handing it to Thul. THul looked at the paper instinctively, reading the drow words inscribed on it

‘Explosive Runes, Bitches’.

The explosion knocked Thul off his feet, back to the feet of Norad and SHadow, while Johnny jumped instinctively out the way, leaving Ihsahn to absorb the remainder of the explosion. While people dusted themselves off, Norad re-examined the trackes, and realised he had been fooled by an illiusion, some kind of diversion. Under closer inspection, NOrad could faintly make out a light set of prints, travelling to the north. The party follwed these, but they were extremely faint, and were lost not long after. A search of the surrounding area found tracks to the south, which seemed to be the origins of the tracks the party followed south to discover the drow massacre site. A group of renegade, or possibly ‘good’ drow was theorised, and the party made a search for them, Travelling north again, Norad came across an area that appeared to have been hastily covered, trying to hide a large amount of foot traffic. Ihsahn and Thul also noticed that the shadows of the surrounding forrest seemed to have grown unnaturally thicker, almost clinging to the trees. AS they gave a warning shout, 6 xenodrow errupted from the shadows, attacking the party. PArt of one of the shadows coalesced to a vaguley human form, and traversed the battle scene, making a beelinf for ihsahn, but the party, acting as one, dispatched the SHadow as it reached him, including Shadow himself striking the killing blow. THese actions revealed a strange, shoedowy figure within the trees. Her true form was hard to focus on, shifting and switching, no real details could be made out.

THe ambush was quickly dispatched and, with the falling of the shadow-mage, a small part of the forest disapeared, showing it to be an illusion aswell. This lead to a small camp, showing signs of drow cannibalising other drow, and the corpse of a drow only seen in SHadows vision from his staff, and from the description from "Ripper’ Lee as the one who put the enchantment upon him. SHe carrried a few puches, one carrying a small metallic hand, intricately carved,, made from clockwork and precious metal and gems, another carrying a similarly carved key, and another carried spell components for a spider climb spell, and a flawless ruby.

A little further north was found evidence of ‘farming’ of the mushroom trees, and the tracks of the driders ( possible used as heavy labour and’or pack mules), and the exit from the forrest. From here, the gigantic scale of the mothership Sulace could be seen, and the fact that, while very high in the sky, she lay over a large crevasse before unnoticed. This was atleast another half a mile(or more) deep, the walls flat for the first third of the distance from the top. ON the floor of the cravasse layed Drow city, taking up most of the space, and behind it a flotilla of evil looking spaceships, from large carriers down to single person pods, all made from a multitude of precious metals and gems.



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