spell jammin', across the universe

Cryptic Communications

the noises of battle have faded, and the mountain top has returned to it’s original quiet, still airs. Norad, Johhny and Ihsahn moved the bodies away ( leaving the Drider ) then johnny set about repairing the make shift wall at the top of the stairs (taking first watch), Norad and Shadow went on a scouting trek, to investigate the mountain top and get the lay of the land around you, and Ihsahn stayed with you , Moving the drider body to a safer spot for your investigations. He sets the massive body down heavily, steps back, looking at Thul expectantly…..

Thul kneels at the head of the creature. HE places the Grudge bringer hammer gently on the earth and retrieves his Holy Symbol, Its intricate craftsman’s ship and images of various dwarven gods are lost on the Barbarian. But this was something new. At its base Thul opens a secret covering showing a new and hidden symbol. If Ishan go to say anything Thul simply holds a finger to his moth and gives a wink and a shush. Uttering ancient dwarven words the ancient dwarf mutters a spell coating his tongue in tiny golden runes(http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Tongues) On the spells completion he grasps the creatures head abd again chants in the dwarven tongue. He looks down at the creature and speaks in a language not heard in an age across the cosmos. Thul himself look repulsed as the words pass his cracked lips.

“My the command of Dumathoin lord of all secrets I command this spirit to answer three questions truthfully. The first question..”
Thul clears his throat
“Tell me how did the drow move this moon to its current location?

on the completion of the spell, the light around you, already meager, grows dimmer still, until you are surrounded by flat, monochromatic images. The sound of your voice and you question trails off, as if spoken into a deep chasm, and there is silence for a moment. Then a voice slowly builds from nothing, like an echo in reverse.

‘The drow did not move her’

Thul Spits on the misshapen body of the female abomination before him.
“Dont ye go getting cryptic on me yer half baked freak show! Yer god played no more a part in this than yer sniveling excuse for a mother did”
He slams her head into the earth in frustration.
“Fine ill keep it simple for ye nit wit. Tell me the way to the most commonly used landing bay for transport off of El Dorado!”

Again, your word are swallowed into the unseen abyss, and, again, the voice builds from nothing

‘face north. walk forwards for one mile, no more, no less. When you have done this, turn to your right hand side’

the voice stops for both a second and an eternity before continuing

‘repeat this three more times’

“So we already here!”

Thul strokes his long black beard deep in thought.
“Name and describe an object or person whos destruction or theft would cause the most Woe for the Drow on this moon and give directions to its location”

Once again, the voice reverberates out of the deep silence, but the sarcasm you swear you could hear in the last answer has dissapeared, replaced with pure venom.

’ The death of Qualnylene’xae, the two-in-one.witch queen, would bring the end of both the drow and the others, as our fates are now entwined.

Down the mountain, and follow the path east, and then north. Here you will find the mothership ‘Sulaco’. This is where Qualnylene’xae resides.As the final words are spoken the voice trails off, back into the silence. The meager colours slowly bleed back into the world around you, the figures returning to their previous fullness. You return back to the desolate mountain top, under a purple-blue sky, a mechanical drow corpse to your left, and one very confused looking barbarian to your right.

“May your gods take vengeance on your failure.”

Thul ponders a minute.
“maybe these others moved the moon, in any case this Qualnylene’xae is going to have a bad day ahead of her and her ship I claim as mine until we find a better one….Ishan dispose of the bodys we need to make plans!”

Thankful to finally have something useful to do Ihsahn takes the creatures head from its shoulders in an effortless sweep.

After dumping the body over the cliff edge he returns, still somewhat shaken by what he has just witnessed. As he cleans his sword he speaks nervously.

“Thule, you’re ghost magic vexes me with its perversions. Still I will heed your words, while my heart echoes your oath. In the name of Abbath the Mighty and my Ancestors my vengeance will as unrelenting as the blizzard’s winds. This Drow queen, whatever her name may be, will taste my steel and call my name with pleas for mercy before my bloodlust is sated.”



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