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Dungeon master:The last memories you have is fleeing through the infested nautiloid and leaping into space. you floated for what seemed like an eternity, untill your own personal air bubble ran down, and darkness descended.

one by one, you wake up on the main deck of the nostromo. the smell of burnt wood is still in the air, off-set by a sweet, wet, musty aroma. Opening your eyes, you focus on a ring of worried faces, the entire crew of the nostromo are waiting on your awakening. Even Norad has come down out of his crowsnest to wait.

you slowly become aware of bandages, wrappings, salves and the like on any injuries you may have collected, and a beam of proud accomplishment coming from Po.

‘By the void! You all look like you’ve been dragged through the grinder backwards’ exclaims Captain Skerrit. ’What Happened?’

Ihsahn Wongraven of Ravendark Did anyone see anything? How did we all end up landing safely on the Nostromo instead of just drifting randomly, endlessly through the flow?

Thul Urak’Dorn Thul’s eyes fluttered open, uttering a quiet mutter of vengeance. He lifted himself upright on shaking limbs still fatigued from his defiant battle with the Illithid Captain.
he spat as he fumbled at the buckles on his heavy armour. Newt poured into his mouth. The red liquid slopped down the black beard. He wiped away his mouth. “The ship was far from empty. There were still powerful Flayers on board’ he sipped the wine. “ its a miracle we were not devoured but the enemy was fearful of something other than us, the swine fled the ship destroying it and leaving us for dead.” He rested the back of his head against the mast and caught his breath.

Ihsahn Wongraven of Ravendark Ihsahn takes a moment to savour the relief of escaping a certain death situation but then his brow furrows and his mood turns grim. “You may say it’s Morradin’s hand that plucked us from the void Thul but I say there is Illithid sorcery at work here. By rights we should be dead, food or slaves now and yet somehow we’re here. Flayers are not a mercifully peoples so why are we here!?! I can’t help but feel we’re bait on some arcane Illithid hook”

Captain Skerrit ’ ye boys were lucky we found you. we set out to look for that ship, but had no luck. i think it used to nautiloid as cover while it fled. we came back to collect ye, but couldn’t find the nautiloid. was only Norads keen eyes that saw ye. Po has been trying to do her best to patch you up, but she’s a tad worried about Johnny, what in the void happened to him?
The captain thinks for a second ’ and what do ye mean they were fearful of something? what are the squid-faces afeared of?’
Jonathon Grey awakens, your mouth feels strange. it is slightly hard to breath. you got to speak to the crew, and find yourself unable. your tounge feels solid and dry, your lips rigid.

Thul Urak’Dorn ‎"The ancient enemy from under the earth" Thul try’s to pronounce the work in Undercommon. ‎"He said the Ship was infected" gulps more wine “It wernt the hand of Moradin he was initially afraid of Barbarian, it were something else, maybe the spiders made o metal, maybe the owner o’that black hand”

Ihsahn Wongraven of Ravendark what say you Shadow, can you or any of your guild brothers back on the Rock help us divine the nature of any Illithid sorcery or tell us more about this bizarre claw? I agree with the dwarf, it’s our only other clue. Dungeon masterHe then effortlessly heaves Johnny over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and carries him below deck. Eyes burning a hole in Stanton’s back as he goes.

GM: po and thul take johnny to his quarters, lay him in his bunk, and calm him with a few soothing words. ‘slow your breath’, says po ‘all will be fine’. she draws thuls attention to johnnys hands. his nails have started to take on a woody appearance. ’ whatever this is, it works fast. he may last tonight, but the next…….’

Thul Urak’Dorn ‎" Young Po, its up to you to watch Jonny this night. I must beseech the gods for powers to save Jonny. My role in the investigation of these ponderous events shall have to wait till the morrow once he is safe. I take my leave to begin my own recovery and prayers." With a nod at Po and a fatigued stagger the ancient dwarf trudges back to his quarters, his hand grasping the wall for support.

Ihsahn Wongraven of Ravendark Ihsahn returns to the top deck “Shadow, Stanton know more than he lets on, if you see him coming off his shift at the Helm let me know, we need to have words with the elf. I’ll need you with me should he resort to his weasley, wizard words” ‎’yes’ agrees Captain Skerrit. "he’s acting very strangely. Something had spooked him. I’ll have a word to him later, let him have his elvish ways. So Ishan what did you find onboard the Squid-face ship? anything good? Ihsahn Wongraven of RavendarkIhsahn recounts: “Entering the ship through the breach we stumbled across the wreckage of a battle between Flayer slaves and these strange mechanical creatures. We then moved into what appeared to be the Captain’s Quarter’s where Thul recovered some maps and correspondence and Johnny was stricken by whatever Venom currently has him laid up in the sick bed” Moving through the decks we came across what I can only describe as a pair of blinded ogres which quickly fell before Johnny and my blades. Moving to the top decks we found the helm room with an Illithid already dead at the helm and another which although locked seemed to be full of those mechanical beasts. On the upper levels of the ship we encountered a combat fully raging between a Beserk Minotaur, presumably another Flayer thrall, another of these mechanical bug, this time made of gold, and some sort of Illithid magus. There was an almighty explosion which seemed to tear the clockwork monster asunder, the Illithid vanished in the blinding light and the enraged Minotaur turned his focus to us, thinking us pinned in the stairwell. The horn headed beast proved no match for us, filled with the strength of my ancestors and aided by my valiant brothers in battle we quickly dispatched it to its final justice. Our investigation of the battle site led to the recover of this mysterious staff, black as night and studded with metal along with its grisly companion which has Stanton so spooked. While Shadow inspected the staff in an attempt to discern its true nature we were set upon by this foul Flayer Sorcery and although we struggled valiantly we succumbed one by one to it’s mental might and were forced to make a hasty withdrawal from the wrecked ship chancing ourselves on the icy void only to be lucky enough to be picked up your good crew Captain Skerrit. As I reflect on it I am sure something is amiss, Flayer’s don’t leave survivors there are magics either fair or foul at work here I will swear to that on my father’s name

Captain Skerrit As ihsahn begins his tale, Captain skerrit greets the sight of the bag of holding with a grunt of recognition. He opes the bag, and starts removing handfulls of coins, and starts sorting the coins with a practised hand. the seperate piles of coins grow steadily, as the captain askes the odd question, requests Isahn to repeat parts, or just utters the odd expletive. he finishes the task quickly, and, with a furrowed brow, reaches into the bag up to his shoulder. he pulls out a ornate box, about a foot a side. opening the box, he removes a handfull of pearls. he examines a few with a loupe, one he pauses on, whistles, and places it in his pocket. he closes the lid on the box, and places it beside his. he removes a paper and pencil from his pocket, makes a few notes, and places the coins, in lots of the same denomination, back into the bag.
At the mention of the staff, he crosses to shadow, and politley takes it. he looks it up and down, examining the gem and the studs one by one.’ i’ve never seen anything like this before. i might get stanton to have a look at it, if ye don’t mind. whenever he decides to remove his pantaloons from his back passage, that is.’
He hands the bag of holding back to ihshan, and then the note with the totals on it. ‘i get the feeling ye will be needing this, ye better keep it, share it between yeselves. anything else you found, i’ll get Stanton to earn his keep and give them a look over. everone turn in for the night, got a big day tommorrow. The mages got some studying, the healers got to sort out Johnny, and the rest of us got some repairs to be doin’. (yells out) NORAD..keep a close watch for our shady freinds. MR STANTON, full ahead to The Rock, if it so pleases his highness……



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