spell jammin', across the universe

Between The Rock and a hard place

The heroes reached Brall with pockets jungling and heads throbbing. A quick decision was made that the hair of the dog was needed. The decision was made not to go the the suggested ‘Laughing Beholder", and so ’the broken Drum’ was made as their destination. Soon enough, meat and mead was in hand, a fire was found, and a plan was hatched. Shopping!

Thul the dwarf headed for the dwarven area, to procure some new armour, a possible bargaining chip in his plan to approach the elves, and to spread the good word.

Shadow the mage headed to the Mages guild, to pay his respects to his colleagues, and to ask the Librarianfor some supplies and information. Many scroll where procured, and the name of a local half-elf scholar called Carlin that might have some information on Elvish history.

Johhny and Ihsahn went looking for their own armour, seaching draco-town for some more obscure armour types, and found more that they bargained for. While perusing the goods at merchant Dorium Maldovar store, Ihsahn noticed that the merchant jhad some of the same cogs and mechanical peices that he had collected from the strange metallic creatures encountered on the Nautloid. Much skillfull bargaining later, johnny and ihsahn had their armours sorted, and the name from where the peices came from, a gnome called Glim Beren.

Meeting back at The Broken Drum, the group decided on their plan for the next day. After deciding that Shadow and Thul would check out the Half-Elven Scholar, and Ihsahn and Johnny the gnome, they retired for the evening.

The next morning, Johnny discovered that he had had a visitor during the evening. A note had been attached to his bed clothes, welcoming him back to the rock, and giving him some instructions regarding the notes aquired from the Illithid craft. Some more of Johnnys past came out at this time, especially regarding the item in his wrist, and an explanation for the fire aboard the Nostromo.

Shadow and Thul met with Carlin, finding information both old and new.
They were told that Drow were a subrace of elf, found long ago on the planet tamriel in realmspace. Inherintly evil and savage spider worshippers, they had the beginnings of a large empire forged in a place called the underdark, a set of tunnels and dungeons under the city of waterdeep. After a number of guerrilla attacks on adventurers and the city, about 600 years ago, the city recruited as many heroes as possible, and with the city of waterdeeps armies, and those of her allies, marched into the underdark, and eradicated the drow, and razed their underground city. They were hunted down and killed like vermin, and that was the last that was ever heard of them.

After describing the mechanical spider creatures to the Scholar, he was reminded of an ancient Dwarvish tale, predating even Thul, called ‘The Miner’s Tale’.T he tale describes a group of travellers stuck in a tavern in a storm, all telling tales.It seemed to have some base in historical events, a kind of oral history collection. One tale seems told of an invasion of ‘metal nightmares throughout the spheres’. The battle seems to culminate with a gigantic space battle in realmspace.

Johnny and Ihsahn better. They found the shop/museum.house of the gnome Glim Beren. They were welcomed by a small, clockwork gnome, causing a momentary scare. They met with the sickly gnome, and were told a fantastic tale. Such a fantastic tale, that Thul was called on, to listen to the tale again, to check the veracity of the tale. It was found to be true, so a plan was made to leave within the next few days.

the next few days were quiet, as supplies where gathered, plans where made and thoeries where floated. Shadows scrolls where collected, as were armours for the rest. On the second morning, a messenger arrived for the heroes, requesting their presence at The Laughung Beholder Tavern.

The mood was somber and depressed when the roup arrived, and, if a beholder could look depressed, Large Luigi did so. He relayed the news that The Nostromo had been found, floundering in space. He didn’t have any more news, just that she would be brought into the dry docks within the next few hours. The heores headed down to meet her when she docked.

It was obvious very quickly that she had suffered the same fate as the Nautiloid, bearing large puncture wound near her bow, and other visible damage on deck. Below deck, there was no sign of any life, all crew members gone without a trace, with many indications of quick and sudden violence. After a search of below decks, the cabin boy Newt was found to have evaded the attack.

His story of the attack was – ‘All I remember was a loud crash, and the ship jumped. Nothing before it, just the crash. Then there was yelling, Norad was yelling, and then the Captain. Then it was dark…………..And then the screaming started. I hid, kept quiet, kept hiding. Then it went still. Everyone was gone. I didn’t know what to do. Then the ship started moving again…..I thought they had come back.

Large Luigi offered to look after Newt for the future, and the group left to figure out thier next move.



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