spell jammin', across the universe

A licence to Ill(ithid)

AS the images of other strange lives and other even stranger places faded away from the groups minds, the struggle to take in the situation that they found themselves in. The building they had previously been in melted away to become a darkened cave, the raised dias a dark hole in the ground. Alien beings crouched over clockwork Arcanum, and foes they had been battling morphed ,some onto elves, though most into illithid, many like they had never seen before,all menacingly advancing on them. Wet slurps and elvish cries came close to being drowned of by repeated chants of ‘Thoon…..Thoon……..Thoon………’.
Thuls attention was drawn to a ghostly blue figure of a dwarf in front of him. The look in its eye seemed to be a heady mix of terror and fury, and it’s scream seemed t last for eternity, before it snarled down into a battle cry, and the ghost charged the illithid.

As if by reflex, the group fell into battle formation, battling through the strange visions clogging their memories,though the names of the elves slowly came back, Fales, Donst, Marcello and Raoulle, names jumping out of their vision. These illithid showed many new tricks, some body changing, some turning invisible, all to the charnt of Thoon, but the party and the ghostly dwarf slowly began to gain the upper hand, but where unable to stop the death of most of the Elves.
A strange skuttling noise could be heard over thesounds of pitched battle, and just as the final visible illithid fell, a wave of horrific creatues, nothing but brains on legs, flooded into the room. A retreat was sounded, the group fleeing, though the elvish mage, petrified with fear, fell to the coming onslaught.

The group ran through winding tunnels, the sounds of the creatures feet never too far behind them, and they emerged onto a flat, lifeless landscape, no idea where they were or where to go. Panic welled momentarily, until a shadow passed over the group, and they recognised the Elvish warship ‘The Condor’. A elf stood smiling at the gangway, beckoning them onboard, but her demeanour and urgency changed when she saw what was behind them.

As they got onboard, the elvish crew was (re?)-introdued as Captain Delray, the spelljammer Adakay ( nichnamed ‘The Countess’) and the bard/sage Zephyr, who the party, especially Shadow, had asked to come along.
After some confusion about missing memories, the Condor started its return trip back to the elvish Warship ‘The Galvani’, and the group began to piece together their missing memories.



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