spell jammin', across the universe

a dome in a cavern in a planet in a pocket in a sphere

THe party moved back to the cavern within the planets center, to gather themselves before the journey. Shadow spent some time examining the clockwork hand retrieved from the drow corpse. The hand was intricately was intrticately carved with a spiderweb pattern, and within this pattern, where two phrases, one was ‘awaken’, and the other was ‘open that’, the command words for the hand.

The group sood within the hemispherical entrance dome, Shadow placed the hand on the ground while Johnny readied the key in the key hole. On the speaking of the forst sommand word, the hand jumped to life, and on the second command word and a point, the hand scurried over and up the wall, into the hand shaped depression in the wall.

There was a deep thudding noise, and the hand dropped back to the floor. With only a slightest of scraping noises, the dome walls started to turn, the doorway behind them slowly moving around infront of them. AS it reached the front, a chick of faint red light started to pour into the room, slowly increasing as the doorwar open fully, untill the walls clunked to a stop

Before them stood a large open, seemingly empty room. The air was warm and dry, and a looseing sand covered the ground before them. Large stones and rocks seemed to be placed randomly around the area. Attempts were made to contact anyone in the room, and preliminary exploration attempts were made, buyt to no success. Slowly, the group entered the room.

THey were quickly hatled a barrage of strange, crystalline boomerangs flying out and striking the party, and then a a figure moving between two rocks, and going out of sight to one side. Motions were quickly made in that direction, when another figure was seen in front of the group. Splitting the party, the second sighting was investigated. More boomerangs flew out,, and a third figure was seen, this time seemingly coming to rest behind a rock. The fleet of foot Ihsahn streaked towards this cover, and was confrinted by a lerge female creature, with a spiders abdomen and legs, but no real arms. Her ‘arms’ became a flurry of movement, which ihsahn was able to withstand. Presently, johnny joined the battle, but was breifly repelled, and even some of Norads normally true arrow strikes were knocked away effortlessly. Dispite the groups trouble in actually targeting the strange creature, she was quickly defeated, and the party moved on to the next dome.

On the opening of the dome door, the group was greeted by the image of a charging drow warrior, which was quickly determined to be a statue, and was fleeing, not charging. A group of similar realistic statues could be seen in the center of the room. Fearing a cockatrice, medusa or some such, the group cautiosly moved forwards, using a mirror to scan the area. Arriving at the statues, it was noticed that they were all looking in fear, and upwards. USing the mirror, a large circular creature could be seen above them. A beholder.

Havign to resort to ranged weapons to counter the Beholders telekinetoc abilities and magic nullifying ray, a battle of attrition was fought, the beholder defeated before the characterss strengths were whittled down. Exiting the dome, an area was found with a fountain, a small brace of fungus growing, and two strange glowing globes on altars. Shadow and Thul determined that these domes must be some sort of training or testing area for the drow, who would be coming the other way from the base of the SUlaco, and travelling out to the world, and this would be some sort of half way rest stop. The globes seemed to cure the different types of damage inflicted on who ever touched them, the party rested, and moved on.

THe group moved onto the third dome, and prepeared to enter. Shadow placed the clockwork hand on the ground, but before he spoke the command words, the walls clunked, and began to spin towards the front. As soon as the familiar red light started to break into the room, the group was assaulted by the smell of decay, and disease, and filth. As the door turned, and the room behind came into view, the party noticed piles of dirt pocking the landscape. A group of drow exited the far entrance to the dome, and noticed the party, stopping with some confusion and consternation. Seeing the drow group, the party, lead by Thul, began to yell and taunt the drow, insulting them in their native tongue, causing them to yell and shout back.

At the sound of the ruckus, a strange head pointed head with shredded ears poked its way out of one of the pile of dirt, n then another, and then more around the room, near both parties. THe drow archer let an arrow loose towards the party, and then it was on. The strange creatures began to emerge from their holes, and they were revealed to be giant space hamsters, like those that the gnomes use to power some of their vessels, but these were hisiously disfigured and mutated, with pale blue translusent skin, covered with random tuftsd of mattted hair, weeping pustules and open sores, black blood sparkled in veins visible under the skin, and mutlitple spider-like limbs lined their sides. Both sides came under attack by these creatures, seemingly lead by an even larger and more brutal looking specimen.

THe battle was feirce, the drow decimated bith by the hamsters and Shadows magics, and the rest were finished off by the heroes. THey tended their wounds, and then Norad followed the drows tracks back, figuring that if they had gotten that far, there must be empty domes in front of them.l They passed through 2 domes, already emptied, one with a giganting clockwork hydra, the other had a black tentacled creature, like the party had met near the statue to Morradin, but much larger. They finally reached a large, circular room, with 4 entrances, and a trap door in the mddle, exactly like where they had entered, directly above thier heads. The moved down, following tunnels untill they reached a rounded room, with what seemed to be a kind of cage in the middle, a hand print and key hole in the middle. after a final rousing speech by Thul, the key was activated, the room began to move up through the rock, to the ship above.



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