mysterious staff

long, thin black staff with a red gem atop


this staff is shoulder height, about an inch thick at the top, tapering to about a centimeter thick at the base. even though it appears by all reckoning to be made of ebony, it is relatively light weight. there are 6 metallic studs at the top, corresponding to where the weilders thumb would rest. these studs are copper, bronze, electrum, gold, platinum and adamantium. apart from this, the staff is featureless.

the staff readiates detection and several types of abjuration under detect magic. the detection centers on the large gem on the top. the abjuration magics seems to incorperate some types of protection, and one other.

known effects so far are :-
1) the gem pulses at variying degrees of speed and brightness, possibly linked to the machanical creatures
2) generally holding the staff gives the weilder a +2 (luck) enhancement to armour class.

more investigation is needed to uncover the other effects


mysterious staff

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