Illithid correspondence

personal papers of the illithid captain Maanzecorian


Notes and letters in Undercommon.

Held by Thul Urak’Dorn

After a day or so of investigation, a lot of this is found to be stock levels, slave numbers, course calculation and the like, nothing of great importance. But, interestingly, one tome seems to be the Captains personal log and journal. It crackles with magical runes and protective glyphs.

The glyphs and runes were deactivated (mostly) my Stanton, and handed back to Thul for Examination.
most of it not very interesting, but for the later parts.
-the half-orcs manning the artillery started to fire at empty space, lcaiming to have seen a ‘ghost ship’. They were made examples of.
-rumours have started circling of the ghost ship. Atiitude adjustments may have to be undertaken.
-from his helm, Malinthid claims to have sensed someone following us, an ancient, alien mind. He may have been away from the Elder Brain for too long
-now, i myself have felt the minds that are following us. They are close. I had a vision of a dark, desolate planet, starless, lit only by a blue haze. i saw ‘the ancient enemy from the time under the rocks’, a feild of strange craft. i know not what it means.

There is also a numder of sketched out start charts,reminiscent of the charts from the locked room in the captains chambers. These seem to be important, with many notes surrounding some planets. But all notes are in some strange code, and the ‘charts’ are useless without the notes to give relative positions etc.


Illithid correspondence

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