glim berens goggles

magically enhanced goggles


these are a pair of goggle that were originally owned by the gnome illusionist and masster scavenger Glim Beren. They are made mainly from brass,most of the head peice and sockets for the lenses, with some small leather straps/padding for comfort, and a small degree of elasticity. The two lenses that are set in the sockets are made from perfectly clear crystals, polished perfectly smooth, one blue and the other red.
Wearing the goggles gives the wearer a
- +5 to spell craft
- +5 to appraise
- +2 to decipher script,
but these goggles can only be worn out of combat.

These are made for fitting a small creature, a medium creature wearing these needs to make a concentration check (DC 15)after an hour of use, and every hour after to continue using them due to the uncomfortable fit, and take a break for an hour before continuing if the concentration check fails.


glim berens goggles

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