bag of holding

magical patchwork bag


this bag was found in the privater rooms of an illithid captain. hte material it is made from is unrecognisable, but has an unwholesome feel about it. it is slightly shiny, like it should be slimy, but isn’t. a basic level bag of holding, this weighs 15lbs, no matter what it holds, which is up to 250lbs.
At the time of writing, the bag contained -
500 PP
700 GP
1000 SP
5000 CP
given to the characters by Captain Skerrit to split betwwen themselves ( and the bag became theirs too)
the coins where places back in seperate lots ( eg Platinum, then gold etc ) so as each type could be called up when needed
also, on leaving the Nonstromo, Captain Skerrit placed two rings in the bag. These rings are unmagical, made from silver, and, on the face where a stone would be, is a flat face with carved runes, very similar to the undeciphered runes in the Illithid captains Journal. One of these rings was found on each of the Illithid bodies on the nautiloid craft.


bag of holding

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