spell jammin', across the universe

The Lost Planet

After the battle with the spider mages in the chasm, the party retired back to the cave they discovers to take stock, take inventory and plan their next move. The path north was explored further, and a crossroad was discovered. Norads examinations of the tracks showed that this was a high traffic area, with many, many, many sets of tracks, with the vast majority travelling from the east, and heading to the north.

The tracks from the mountain side all seemed to continue travelling north, and many sets of construct tracks returned from the north and travelled back south. With the many sets of tracks, Norad could discern that some of the tracks were made by drow that seemed to be injured, or lame in some may, and these seemed to travel from the east, and then many went north,and many returned, some travelled to the east, or back to the south, or just wander aimlessly.

In the distance to the north, a shape could be seen silhouetted against the purple/blue haze of the sky. The shape seemed to be of a spelljammer, vaguely insectiod-esque.

The party then decided that a frontal attack on the craft could be a bad idea, and travelled south to explore the lands to see if the craft could be flanked.

Exploring the area around there cave base camp, tracks belonging to a group containing large arachnoids and a large arachnoid construct were found travelling between to large rock outcrops, though not much else could determined from these tracks.

TRavelling further on, a group of bare footed elven tracks where discovered, travelling from the north to the south, in a pack of about 7 or 8. A little later, the pack of archnoid tracks seemed to follow in behind, and follow the original group. Further south,the arachnoid tracks became armoured footprints, leading to were a scene of battle was discovered.The pack of xenodrow lay slaughtered by foes unkown. Wicked cut marks adorned their already broken, burnt and healed bodies, with some suffering from a multitude of tiny bite marks, and/or from different diseases.
The armoured footprints and arachnoid construct tracks then travelled of to the west, and disappeared into the rocks.

Travelling further south, the sounds of a raging river could be heard, while the air here was cooler, fresher and more moist. A little further south, and a raging river was found, at the bottom of a deep, steep ravine, at least 200 yards down, the river rushing with great rage and force, its travel down from the mountain rage to the west giving it its strength. Further east, the river leads to a massive, raging maelstrom of a lake nearly a mile across. The river falls into it by way of a waterfall, beginning the turbulence. This seems to be the source of the fresh air for this planet. Near the entrance to the maelstrom, was the remains of a dwarven bridge, extending out a couple of yards over the river before ending. The bridge seems to have been broken by massive stress or fatigue.

This direction of travel turned out to be a dead end, with the north and the east blocked by an impassable mountain range, and the ravine to the south. In the distance to the east, the silhouette of the distant spelljammer could be seen again, and from this angle, Johnny confirmed the spider-esque shape of it.

Camp was made in between boulders, defenses made and watches set. The third watch was interrupted by a quickly growing rumbling noise from beneath the ground, and the earth began to twist and shake, scattering the rocks and boulders into the camp. Ihsahn and norad were hit by some of the falling debris, as was thul, who awoke with the instinctive thought of ‘Cave-in!’. Johnny, as per usual, vaulted away, and escaped getting hurt, even before his eyes were open. Shadow took the brunt of the damage, ending with his legs trapped beneath a large boulder. A rescue operation, initially unsuccessful, frees SHadow to a safe position, and Thul assessed the damage, and began to heal the wounds.

The party back tracked to an unexplored path, discovering a set of tracks ending in drag marks and spederwebs along the way. Travelling north, Norads keen eyes spotted a single Electrum clockwork horror sitting on a rock, apparently watching the party. With three enchanted arrows from his Efficient quiver, the horror was dispatched.

The east continuation from the crossroads was discoverd, and followed eastwards.

A viliage was discovered at the end of the path, dark, quiet and seemingly deserted. A plaque at the entrance gave the towns name as ‘Hadleys Hope’. The party began to explore the huts of the villiage, some of them intact, some burnt out husks. A blacksmith was found, as well as a foundry and jewelers examined. As shadow, thul and johnny were about to examine a brewery, Ihsahn and Norad were set apon by a xenodrow, injured, emaciated and seemingly crazed, which was quickly dispatched, but not before they were felled by the creatures natural poison defence. Johnny moved the prone warriors to safety, and Thul administered curative magics, and further plans were made.



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