spell jammin', across the universe

express elevator to hell

The strange cage rose quickly up through the rock above the party, and then they emerged, blinking, into the strange purple-blue light of the planet above, the drow city stretched out around them. A myriad of strange and nearly incongruous images stuck them all at one, scenes or relatively normalcy, rows of houses and fisures collecting supplies, mixed in with images of a race preparing itself for war, twisted troops practicing battle maneuvers and a flotilla of near completed spell jammers crawling with clockwork horrors. These images, and many more, quickly passed out of focus as the cage rose, ever higher up into the belly of the MOthership Sulaco above them.

The cage came to an abrupt stop, and all the senses of the party were assaulted all at once. The smell of forges and fires were mixed in with smell of arcane energies being tempered. Vials and glasses filled with every imaginable colour bubbled, next to cauldrons and stills, giving rise to smoke of all hues. The sounds of hammer on metals and the crackling of eldritch energoes rang in the parties ears, and the magic in the room was bitter in the back of their throarts and caused their hairs to stand on end. In and amongst all of this chaos, ran dozens, if not more, of the same figure, a drow, with a slightly stooped back, many earing and short cropped hair, the same drow that the group had found the clockwork hands on her corpse. A single drow stood, huinched over her desk, not far away from the party, back to them, seemingly in the middle of some calculations, and unaware of the arrival of the party. Moves were made at her, but the cage seemed to be surrounded by an impenetrable invisible wall, and attempts to verbally take her attantion were also unseccessful, receiving only a hand raised behind her and a ‘SHHHHH’.

Momentarily, the drow turned, and acknowledged the party with a quizzical look.. the party were told that they had been expected, the drow queen had been watching the party on their travels through her realm, and that it had been decided that they would the final test for the drow queen before she re-emerged into the crystal spheres. Insults, some veiled and some not so where passed through the invisible barrier, and after a few minutes, the drow crafter announced that the queen was ready to see the party, and thier escorts would be arriving moentartily. IN due time, a side door opened, and 6 platinum clockwork horrors emerged, and moved to surround the cage. The drow asked if the part as ready, and on their conformation, they felt warm air on their face, indicating the barrier had been dropped. The horrors moved the party out, and as they passed the drow she blew a strange dust over the party, and Thul identified this as a form of dispel magic, Their defense against poison had been removed.

The party was lead on a route through the ship, seemingly more for intimidation and information then expediency. They passed through barracks and amenities enough to cater for at least a small city, training areas for an army, a mushroom forest much like the one on the surface, hangar areas with more spelljammers nearing completion. A gigantinc prison area, with walls lined with shakles, and what seem to be blood sluices into the center. THey walked past an area where copies of the drow femalethey had talked to were sewing together mangled body parts of drow corpses forming the drow-cetipede flesh golems thay encountered.. Another area was a massive room filled with what seem to be large glass vessles, each one containing a single drow, or a skeleton, or one without skin, just muscles. THey quickly lose count how many were there.

THey were finally marched up a large, spiral set of stais, which seem to climb for ages. When they reach the top, they were greeted on one side by a window showing a vista of the lands of Eldorado below below them, the flattened mountain top in the distance wherethey entered these lands, seemingly years before, but possibly only a week or so previously. Below them, the spot where they stood and gazed down over the drow city not the day before.

The other side had a large set of double doors, and the party was ushered towards it. As they approached, the doors swung open, and Shadow gasped as his arcane vision was over whelmed. Inbthe room lay items of every description, wdapons, armour, robes, trinket and more, all radiating magic of vast and varying degrees. They were quickly moved on.

The second set of doors swung open, and this time it was the dwarves turn to gasp. In this room lay prescious metals and stones of all types and sizes, piles of coins, and works of art from all corners of the spheres. They were ushered on.

At the next set of doors, as they swung open, the lead horrors slowly fanned back, leaving the way open. Moving quickly, johnny passed poison antitoxins around the party to prepare for the battle. Then a voice was heard, part metallic rasp, part female snarl.



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