spell jammin', across the universe

a new hope

‘Instantly, the Sulaco disappear around them, and they were standing on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the drow city, the purple sky fading and flickering above them, the stars beginning to become visible through the haze. The drow ship tilted slightly and began to fall, crumpling as she crashed into the middle of the city. The noise was deafening, and the impact nearly knocked them all of all your feet. Cracks nearly instantly started forming in the ground around the impact site, shooting out and around her, and, with the sound of the earth rending and tearing, the ground crumbled and gave way in a plume of dust and smoke, The Sulaco falling into the Hollow centre of the Planet, the sound of metal crunching as she reached the gravity well.
The purple glow fully faded from the sky all the glory of the crystal sphere above them, and the earth moved slightly again, and the gap below them where the mother ship just fell is suddenly full with a familiar, dull grey rock.

AS the dust settled, first one, then another, and then another, individual drow ships slowly started to raise unsteadily up into the air, the first taking shakily to wing and begin to fly away, only to be skewered on the prow of an illithid Nautiloid as it came cruising over their head. It and a half dozen others begin to make short work of the straggling ships with their catapults, the drow ships crashing back into the cavern below the party.

As the party watched the battle, they all felt sinister tentacles slowly enter the edges of their minds and then a familiar ( to all but Norad) pain like a dagger directly to the brain drives them all to your knees’, excepting Thul, who stood strong, sheathed in a glowing corona of holy light, defiantly, a trickle of blood running from his nose from the exersion.

The familiar voice of Maanzecorian ,the Illithid captain whose craft started this adventure, talks directly into their brains

‘We meet again; I thank you for leading us to our old enemies. We were slightly concerned when you disappeared from our scans a few hours ago, but we are anything but patient. Now Dwarf, as you can see there is nothing you people can possess that we cannot take from you. We will take this planet in the name of Thoon just like your homeworld, and …..What is that…?

The grip in their minds weakened, and, as they stood, A Kindori crashed through the Illithid ships, leading a group of elven man-o-wars, obliterating the illithid craft with the skewered drow ship with one flipper, and scattering the others, spinning off into wildspace.
‘Curses….we shall meet again’ they all heard as the connection broke.

An elven Man-o-War landed not far from them, and the side door opened. Carlin the Scholar came bounding down the stairs shaking all of their hands.
‘I got them to believe me finally, I don’t know how, but they did. It took some work though. ’
A well dressed elf in regal clothing slowly walked down the stairs, bowed deeply, and thanked the party, and bade them entrance onto his craft.
‘I beleive you have a tale to tell me.’ he says, a slight trace of understated irony in his voice.



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